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2 Oct

Hello and welcome! My name is Erin and I am a writer living in the Washington, D.C. area. I teach college writing classes at a couple of schools in the area, sometimes work as a research assistant, and in my spare time, I read and work on my own writing. In short, I’m a member of the literati. I have a shelf full of books – some treasures from the past and some yet to be uncovered – and a desk piled with notebooks. You can find some of my writing under the “Prose” and “Poetry” tabs.

In the same way that I have too many books, I also have too much yarn. Since I both knit and crochet, it’s quite difficult to walk into a craft store and fight the urge to buy something. But I’ve been known to make some pretty cool stuff from time to time. You can see some of it by clicking on the “Yarn” tab. I promise I do more than read, write, and knit though. Once in a while I do actually interact with people in fun, social ways. 🙂

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon…

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